With 5 million active monthly users, Instagram’s marketing potential is huge. Users love it because it’s a fun, less news-heavy place to spend time online. We can embed your ad on Instagram and, because it’s such a visually clean app, the message will stream seamlessly into your customer’s experience. It’s a highly visual and active space to work in and it’s proven to drive quality traffic to websites.

Be captivating

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Instagram is your chance to give customers a detailed glimpse into what you’re about. If that means a weekly series of the office Dalmatian wearing a felt beret, so be it. We’ve done the research on what kinds of content your customers are going to respond to and we can help you tailor your Instagram feed accordingly.

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Be seen

Facebook bought Instagram and they’ve combined the forces of their adverting targeting power so your ads can be seen by more people across both platforms. So, with Instagram, your ads will light up in the hands of the people who want to see them.The equation is simple: physical space is limited; digital space is practically limitless. Once you combine effective targeting with perfect design, Instagram ads end up much cheaper than the alternatives. Click here to find out more (no selfies, we promise).

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Imagine what you could do if your digital marketing did the hard work for you?

Leads would increase without having to exhaust your time and resources chasing them. You can rest assured that your investment in SEO will pay off over the long-term and continue to reap the benefits.

So ask yourself… are you sick and tired of spending your hard-earned dollars on advertising campaigns that simply cost you more than they make you? Are you fed up of the so called ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ that offer your more excuses than results?

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